Welcome to R Sofa.

I'm a home-skilled graphic designer, with a wide range of experiences with Logo designs, websites, 3D models, animations, visualizations and much more.

I come from Slovenia, born in Murska Sobota, now I spend most of my days in Maribor where I go to College called Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science a.k.a short in slovenian: FERI.
I'm attending the media and Communication Class.

I like films, videos, editing and making them. I'm not a really good actor, but when it's necessary I can do the job as well. I filmed some stop-motion films, and a short film with my friends.
The youtube channels/vids:
The package (a short action film)
My Youtube channel

Thats all for now... I hope you like my work :)

Aaand this is some of my work: 
(Soon more coming up later...)

Living room for a contest...I lost :D
A rendering of a car that I designed
Another one
A logo for a company that sells fireplaces
Sofa's logo
Fancy 3d render of sofa's logo
Header for a website
A logo made for